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Syndicate radio programmes from David Murphy are available for your internet, community or FM station at a low-cost subscription option.

Shows are sent as a consistently timed 56:40 file per hour, providing 3:20 each hour for your news, local imaging and/or advertising and making to-the-second scheduling easy for programme controllers.

Shows are delivered by the industry-standard shared Dropbox folder mechanism in high-quality 192kbps MP3, thus enabling auto-loading in to your playout software with no manual intervention (dependent on your system). Automatic gain control on the music and double compression on the voice ensures a professional level output. Speak to us about your specific needs.

Daily Mix subscription includes:

Monday show - 3 hours

Tuesday show - 3hours

Wednesday show - 3 hours

Thursday show - 3 hours

Friday show - 3 hours

Weekend show - 3 hours

Extra shows subscription includes:

All Out Eurovision - 1 hour

All Out Rock - 3 hours

All Out Weekend - 3 hours

Broadcast Chart - 3 hours

Chart of the Year - 3 hours

Flashback50 - 3 hours

If there is not a suitable subscription option shown below, contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Demos are available to listen to here.