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The Netherlands Second Rehearsal

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Penultimate rehearsal of the week before we get to the full dress-run tomorrow morning, and I'm hearing whispers of 'accidental winner' in the press room.

Photo © EBU, Thomas Hanses

This was a stand out track for me during the three weeks of previews on All Out Eurovision. Watching it come together on the Junior Eurovision stage just cements my opining. It's slick; it's polished; it's colourful. Blink and you'd think Sweden were here. Matheu exudes confidence without straying into arrogance territory. Everything from the props and the backdrop to his team of dancers come together at just the right moment.

The Netherlands are one of only two countries to enter every single edition of Junior Eurovision since 2003 (the other is Belarus). 2009 marks a decade since their one and only victory. They also finished second in 2011. If Matheu was to win this year, it would be the first time the same nation has won Eurovision and Junior Eurovision in the same year.

David Webster will be reporting live from rehearsals throughout the day on Gateway 97.8 ( For UK commentary with ESC Insight's Ewan Spence and Ben Robertson, tune in to Castlepoint FM on Sunday 24th November from 15:00 GMT.

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