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Kazakhstan Second Rehearsal

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A sinister stare at the beginning of this performance, the arm-ography on stage being out of sync with the 'shadow' graphic behind, and the ill-chosen words 'Dream On' appearing on the screen at the end of the song run the risk of overshadowing a fantastic vocal climax to Kazakhstan's entry in 2019.

Photo © EBU, Thomas Hanses

Yerhzan Maxim evokes aural memories of Faith Hill and Celine Dion in his scale-climbing three minutes on stage, and impressively holds on to a top note for an unfathomable length of time towards the end of Armanynnan Qalma. They are placed slap bang in the middle of the show in 10th slot when the waiting is over and it hits our TV screens Sunday afternoon

Since becoming an associate member of EBU in 2016, this will be the third year the contest has been broadcast in Kazakhstan and the second year in a row they have also participated. Their debut 12 months ago earnt them a sixth placing in Minsk.

David Webster will be reporting live from rehearsals throughout the day on Gateway 97.8 ( For UK commentary with ESC Insight's Ewan Spence and Ben Robertson, tune in to Castlepoint FM on Sunday 24th November from 15:00 GMT.

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