• David Murphy

Ireland Second Rehearsal

With no 'United Kingdom' entry in the contest, our home hopes naturally re-assign to the nations sharing the very western shores of Europe with us in Wales and of course Ireland.

Photo © EBU, Thomas Hanses

13-year old Anna Kearney has the accolade of the largest cheer from the press room with her rendition of Banshee, which in Irish mythology is a spirit that's said to appear when someone we know is close to death. It symbolises overcoming the worst of fears and adversities in the song's meaning, which reminds us that the Irish language is alive and well.

Ireland remain the most successful country in the Eurovision Song Contest with seven victories to their name. Their past in Junior Eurovision is far more chequered, with just one top 10 placing to their name in the five years that they've taken part, back in 2016.

David Webster will be reporting live from rehearsals throughout the day on Gateway 97.8 ( For UK commentary with ESC Insight's Ewan Spence and Ben Robertson, tune in to Castlepoint FM on Sunday 24th November from 15:00 GMT.

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