• David Murphy

Australia Second Rehearsal

No, it's not Michael Rice in disguise (although have we ever seen Michael and Australia's Jordan Anthony in the same place at the same time before?) - and the now familiar quandary of why Australia are participating in a Europe-wide contest extends too to the junior edition.

Photo © EBU, Thomas Hanses

The gold lighting for Australia is an interesting choice and doesn't do any favours to the TV cameras capturing Jordan's moment on stage. What bugs me the most in the performance is the backing dancers step-clapping horrendously out of time with both the music and each other, which detracts from Jordan's undoubted vocal acrobatics (he finished fourth in The Voice Australia this year mentored by Delta Goodrem). There's danger of an Isaiah Firebrace moment here (happy 20th birthday to the 2017 ESC contestant by the way) when he opens the show on Sunday.

Like Armenia before him, Jordan too has a lot to live up to. Australia have gotten stronger and stronger in this contest since their guest appearance in 2015 became a permanent fixture, with two third place finishes in 2017 and 2018 to try and better this year.

David Webster will be reporting live from rehearsals throughout the day on Gateway 97.8 ( For UK commentary with ESC Insight's Ewan Spence and Ben Robertson, tune in to Castlepoint FM on Sunday 24th November from 15:00 GMT.

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